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Card for beneficiaries of DI-pensions and helplessness allowance

Responsibilities and procedures

Since the 1st of January, 1996 the DI-offices confirm the reception of a DI-pension by means of a DI-card. The delivery is compulsory and occurs officially automatically with the delivery of the decree to the insured persons. The period of validity may be settled at the latest up to the time of the next pension check. From the 1st of May, 2015 the DI-offices by request of the insured persons or her legal representatives or female representatives will also confirm the reception of the helplessness allowance for persons under age and adults. The period of validity as well as the format of the identity card are the same for both, the confirmation of the pension as well as the helplessness allowance, so that the present modalities for issuing an identity card can be maintained. The info place of the OASI/DI will print together with the identity card for the pension now also an identity card for the helplessness allowance and make them available to the DI-offices. The identity cards can be ordered by the DI-offices at the info place of the OASI/DI (www.shop.ahv-iv.ch in the area of Carrier identity card, article number 220-M). The circular No. 94 from the 17th of November, 1995 is lifted and the form 318.629 „ Ausweis zum Bezug eines Generalabonnements für behinderte Reisende “ is not in use any more.

Indications with regard to possible benefits by companies

Certain enterprises, in particular transportation companies as for example the SBB grant reductions for people with health restrictions. Thus, for example, the proof of a running DI pension entitles to the reception of a discounted general subscription (financial aspect). For people with an impediment who need a company for the use of public transportations, transportation companies can grant free journeys for escorts (impediment-conditioned aspect). The proof of a running helplessness allowance can entitle to the reception of such reductions or free tickets. Nevertheless, often a medical certificate is required with which a doctor must confirm individually that the travelling person is restricted in its health so that she depends on an escort. The DI-offices can confirm with the DI card therefore only the reception of a DI-pension or a helplessness allowance. The recognition of these cards for possible reductions is incumbent upon the enterprises and can be made dependent by further proofs of an impediment.

Source: FSIO, “DI-circular letter No 333”, http://www.bsv.admin.ch/vollzug/documents/view/4357/lang:deu/category:35, 04.05.2015

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