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For entry into Chile, nationals of Switzerland and Liechtenstein do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days. One receives directly at the beginning of the trip a so-called “Tarjeta de Tourismo” which entitles one to the stay, is to be carried along and to be delivered at the end or before crossing the border.

Should it be got lost during the stay or have been stolen, the “Policía Internacional” in Santiago (Sangraal. Borgoño in 1052, Tel. 02-5657863) must be contacted. These, but also regional establishments of “Policía Internacional”, issue if necessary a substitute tourist card.

The stay may be extended once for up to 90 days for a fee of 100 USD. For a possible extension of the visa the “Departamento de Extranjería” in Santiago (Agustinas 1235, Tel. 02-5502469) or the regional offices of the “Gobernación provincial” jurisdiction are responsible. If one has the intention to extend the visa, in any case two passport photographs are needed which must not be biometric.

Should non-tourist (e.g., business) and/or longer stays in Chile be planned, one turns for questions related to visas best of all on time before the beginning of the trip to the responsible Chilean representation abroad. Here the link to the Chilean Embassey in Bern.

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